Frequently asked questions about the facilities


What is the Wifi key?

To connect to the different Wifi networks, enter the following password: nimor2018


What do I do if something does not go well during the stay?

If something goes wrong during your stay, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you as much as possible


Where can I throw the garbage?

The green buckets on the road are for garbage. When you leave Nimor you will see the cubes on the right side of the road.


How do I use the gas barbecue?

After using the barbecue, it will have to be cleaned and left in the same condition as it was found. At the base of the barbecue there are some plastic sheets so that the soil does not get dirty, these must be placed under the legs of the barbecue so that the fat and oil do not come in contact with the ground. To start it, you can use the same gas cylinder for the gas stove. To light the fire, just press and turn the knob, keep pressed several seconds to start the fire. To stop the fire disconnect the barbecue from the cylinder. You can read the operating instructions on the sheets in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet marked with the label "INSTRUCTIONS". Please note that if you do not clean the barbecue at the end of your stay, a cleaning fee of € 25 will apply.


How do I use the wood barbecue?

After using the barbecue it will have to be cleaned and left in the same condition in which it was found. Before starting the fire, generously soak the soil in a perimeter of 2 meters around the barbecue. It is not allowed to use this barbecue on windy days. Please note that if you do not clean the barbecue at the end of your stay, a cleaning fee of € 25 will apply.


How does the gas stove work?

It is a kitchen that works with a butane gas cylinder, it has 4 stoves and an oven. At the end of the use it is obligatory to disconnect the gas from the cylinder, since if a control remains in the ignition position the gas continues to come out.
Please note that if you do not clean the kitchen at the end of your stay you will be charged a cleaning fee of € 25


How does the dishwasher work?

You do not need to clean any utensil, accessory or utensils, you can put it inside the dishwasher and put a wash pad in the compartment, then press the start button, the program is already pre-selected, in about 30 minutes the cycle will be finished.


Can I eat and smoke in the room?

It is forbidden to smoke and eat in the rooms. A cleaning fee of € 25 will apply when you find any food, drink or other type of stains on the sheets / pillows / towels / etc. Make sure all furniture is in good condition during the first 5 hours, otherwise a compensation charge will apply. The charge is determined by the cost of replacement or repair.


How do I use the outdoor play area?

In the game area next to the hórreo you will find a network to practice different sports such as badminton, beach shovels, volleyball ... All the accessories you will find inside the hórreo. There is also a hammock and a swing, these are not installed to play, please make sure the knots are stable before climbing.


How do I use the pool?

It is a seasonal pool, you can enjoy it in the summer months. All you have to do is remove the impurities (leaves, insects, objects, etc.) from the water with the ganapán that we supply. The property is responsible for maintenance once a week.
In case you notice that the water changes color or is not suitable for bathing, please let us know as soon as possible to take the appropriate measures.
During your stay, you will be aware that the property has a swimming pool and that it is not closed by a fence, also young children are at risk in the vicinity of the pool and you assume total and absolute responsibility for the care and control of them in the pool area.
In the pool area is not allowed to run, walk barefoot, ride a bike or play, minors must always be accompanied by their parents or guardians, the property is not responsible for accidents that may have minors.


Regarding children, what do I have to take into account when they are at the farm?

The property has many terraces and patio areas. The terraces are not fenced and have a considerable height, keep in mind that children will have to be supervised by responsible adults. Nimor is built in a mountain environment and its natural beauty is not compromised by the construction of artificial structures, fences, fences, etc. except when necessary, to give security to the entire perimeter of the farm.


How do I open and close the access door to the farm?

The automatic gate to the farm works with the command that we provide at check-in.
It is recommended that the door is always closed, in this way it will prevent wild animals (horses, cows, boars, dogs, etc.) from wandering around the farm.
The loss or breakage of the same carries a charge for substitution of € 50


How are the plants on the farm maintained?

Please take a few minutes each day to put a little water on the pot plants so that it also looks good for the next guests. The responsible will come once a week to do the maintenance of the gardens.


How do chimneys work?

The chimneys of the salons work with firewood, you have available firewood cut in the "woodshed" area. You can start the fire with small branches and ignition pads or pineapples.
Please note that if you do not leave the chimneys in the cleaning state in which they were found, a cleaning fee of € 25 will apply.


How does the iron kitchen work?

This kitchen works with firewood, has at your disposal firewood cut in the area of ​​"woodshed". You can start the fire with small branches and ignition pads or pineapples.
Please note that if you do not leave the wood-burning stove in the clean state in which it was found, a cleaning fee of € 25 will apply.


How does the washing machine work?

It is a high efficiency intelligent washing machine with capacity for 8 Kg of clothes. Carefully read the label of the garments you want to wash before selecting the program.
At the end of the washing cycle, you can spread wet clothes on the clotheslines next to the washing machine to dry clothes.
Keep in mind that there is usually no detergent or fabric softener for washing machines.
You can read the operating instructions on the sheets in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet marked with the label "INSTRUCTIONS".


Where can I leave wet clothes in the pool?

You can spread the wet clothes on the clotheslines that are next to the washing machine to dry the clothes, please avoid leaving the towels on the wooden furniture.


How does the water heater work?

The water heater can be operated by the diesel boiler or electricity, you should not worry about its operation, it is programmed to work within the following schedule:
Morning: 8 a.m. at 10 a.m.
Afternoon: From 4 p.m. at 5 p.m.
Night: From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Being in a rural area, we must be respectful with the environment and not waste water. Keep in mind that sometimes because of the drought there are water restrictions.
In our house we provide well water and public supply.


How can I contribute to the environment?

At Nimor we like to contribute to the conservation of energy and the environment. With that in mind we would like to ask guests to remember to turn off the lights when the rooms are not being used.


How does the heating work?

n winter the heating works by means of a boiler of diesel and during the established in a schedule programmer.
In case you need more time the heating can notify us, Keep in mind that heating in common areas such as the kitchen, and living rooms works with firewood, you are responsible for keeping this system running through the firewood that we will provide (usually we leave it in the area of ​​the "woodshed")


How does the iron work?

In the laundry area there is an iron and an ironing board, you can make use when you need it. You will have to take into account the indications of the garment label to select the operating temperature of the iron, the property will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused by the misuse of the iron


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the gardens?

Every week the maintenance tasks of the farm are carried out, specifically the gardens, common areas and swimming pool. Before accessing the farm, an email, WhatsAap, or text message will be sent to the person who made the reservation to notify the day that the work will be done.
Keep in mind that these jobs are performed with machinery that may be annoying for your rest, if you do not want to be bothered on the day of maintenance let us know by answering the email, Whatsaap, or text message to be able to stay another day. 
If you are urged to do the cleaning before the scheduled date, you can contact us explaining your needs.


What do I do if the light leaps or goes out?

We rarely have power cuts, just in case we have candles in the kitchen cabinet drawer (be careful when using them). In the case that electricity is missing, please look at the main fuse box on the wall of the kitchen next to the door. There are 3 compartments, lower and raise the main switch to reactivate the power supply. This may be due to the fact that there are several devices consuming at the same time. Occasionally in summer we receive some electrical storms, usually at night, if you see any unplug the router of the electric network. (The electrical activity travels over the telephone lines and spoils the phones and routers.) We appreciate that you take them into account.)

Can I visit the vineyards?

es, you can visit the vineyards. Please DO NOT eat the grapes, since from time to time they are treated with chemical products, which could be harmful to your health.

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